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Certificate of Economic Development NZ

CED NZ intends to unite the field by establishing a baseline of core knowledge for economic development professionals and associates. By offering this comprehensive certification, EDNZ strives to promote the status and credibility, as well as enhance the knowledge and performance of economic developers.

Interested in earning CED NZ Here is what you need to know:

Why should I become certified as an economic developer?
The Certificate of Economic Development (CED) program is the leading industry designation. Having CED after your name makes you more marketable. It not only shows that you have the breadth of knowledge to perform at the top level in the profession, it enhances your visibility within your organization and the visibility of your organization within the profession.

Is there a specific amount of experience required before one can apply for certification?

What courses do I need to take?
All applicants must complete at least eight professional development one day courses, representing four core competencies, plus four electives. The CED courses are listed below.

Course requirements:

Core Competency courses (required):

• Introduction to Economic Development
• Economic Development Strategic Planning
• Evidence based Economic Development
• The role of innovation in Economic Development
. Maori Economic Development

Elective Competency Courses (must take a minimum of 4):

• Economic Development Marketing & Attraction
• Entrepreneurial and Small Business Development Strategies
• Management Economic Development Organizations
• Technology-led Economic Development
• Workforce Development

Is there a particular order in which the courses should be taken?
No. You are free to attend the courses that best meet your own schedule, travel budget and professional needs.

How long does the certification process take?
There is no set time frame for obtaining certification. The length of time depends on your budget, schedule, and the urgency you personally feel about becoming certified. However, we expect to see a good number of applicants complete the course requirements within a year – 18 months.

How much does the certification process cost?
Fees have been structured in a way that supports members of EDNZ. If you are a member of EDNZ a one day learning event will cost $300. Without membershipthe cost increases to $450. If you wish to become a member please register your membership here …

What if I wish to continue my learning?

EDNZ encourages you to continue your learning journey by enrolling in either a Grad Diploma of Professional Practice or Masters of Professional Practice at Capable NZ. For more information on both please follow this link.

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