Bruce Katz

Bruce Katz – Inaugural Centennial Scholar – Brookings Institute – a  nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, D.C. He founded and previously served as director of the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program, which aims to provide decision makers in the public, corporate, and civic sectors with policy ideas for improving the health and prosperity of cities and metropolitan areas.  He is also co-author of the ground breaking book ‘The New Localism”.  To read more about Bruce …


Craig Richards

Chair of International Economic Development Council.

Craig J. Richard was selected to serve as the president and CEO of Invest Atlanta in December 2014. He is a seasoned economic development professional of nearly 20 years and is regarded as a collaborative leader with strengths in marketing, business development, entrepreneurial development, workforce development, global commerce, strategic planning and managing talented teams to achieve desired results. His economic development experiences range from neighborhood-level community development and regional chambers of commerce to state economic development.  To read more about Craig …

Alan Johnson

Author of ‘State of the Nation’ Report – Salvation Army

State of the Nation is now in its ninth year, and it’s become something special. You find in our society that only things that are important to the ‘important’ people are measured and analysed. So, in our report, we’ve tried to be a witness for the issues that affect vulnerable New Zealanders by measuring things like unemployment, child poverty, people going to jail, and homelessness.

As the senior policy analyst [and interim director] for The Salvation Army’s Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit, I undertake social research and policy analysis, so we can advocate for vulnerable people and seek changes to make New Zealand a better society.  To read more about Alan …

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Benje Patterson

Benje is a key part of the regional team at Infometrics and has a strong awareness of how macroeconomic factors affect sectoral and regional outcomes.

As part of the regional team, his key responsibilities involve writing regionally-focused economic commentaries and articles, as well as delivering presentations and workshops to clients interested in region-specific economic information.  He also has experience leading projects and writing commentaries on a range of topics including: aviation, tourism, fiscal policy, monetary policy, trade, and the international economy. To read more about Benje …


Dr David Wilson

Dr David Wilson, CEO of Northland Inc, Chair of EDNZ and Member of the PGF Advisory Panel

David has been involved with a wide variety of projects in local and regional economic development, metropolitan, business and industry sector development, corporate citizenship, governance, sustainable economic and socio-economic development.

David Wilson, who since 2007 has been director of the Institute of Public Policy at AUT University, took up his new Whangarei-based role leading the regional economic development agency and tourism organisation in September 2013.

As director of AUT’s Institute of Public Policy, Dr Wilson designed and led an academic programme dedicated to economic development professionals. He holds a PhD in regional economic development.  To read more about David …