Situational Analysis

Successful planning is in large part dependent on the quality of your situational analysis. As a consequence it should be as comprehensive as your time and resources allow.

A central component to your situational analysis will be the vital statistics of your area. The comprehensive, readily accessible and up to date menu of local, regional and national statistics below offer a consistent, best value way to analyse your economy.

The statistical menu below has been listed according to what level the statistic is available i.e. local, regional or national.  We wish to acknowledge the help of Statistics New Zealand in collecting and presenting the information below.

If there any statistics you are aware of that aren’t included in the menu below but could be of value to you and your colleagues, contact us, we would be glad to add it.

Below are a number of resources that can facilitate a strong situational analysis of your economy.

Indicators of Progress

Identifying a causal relationship between your intervention and an impact or outcome is often difficult and sometimes impossible because your intervention will be just one of many factors affecting the economy …  more

A number of economic drivers you might want to consider … more

  • Population and labour force
  • Size and composition are important.
  • Regional labour force participation rates are strongly correlated with regional GDP per capita.
  • Dependance ratios
  • By dividing a region’s population

Monitoring and Evaluation Explained

Monitoring can be defined as: “A continuing process that uses systematic collection of data on specified indicators to provide management and stakeholders with indications of progress and the achievement of objectives in the use of allocated funds”. … more

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