Quiz – 6 November 2017

Welcome to your Quiz 6 November 2017

Who is the new minister for finance?

What would Councils like to see the $1bn regional development largely spent on?

Who is the highly regarded CEO of Infrastructure NZ?

What was at issue in the recent Thomspon versus Attorney General court case?

What type of currency are the following exemplars of: Bitcoin, Swiftcoin, Emercoin, Omni?

What does the acronym BID stand for in NZ's economic development circles?

What does the acronym RSS stand for and does the EDNZ website have it?

Which area of NZ is most vulnerable to a drop in house prices over the next three years according to a recent Infometrics report?

New Zealand Oil and Gas this week released the Barque Field Development Economic Impact Assessment.  Which town on the east coast of NZ will the proposed development be closest to?

How many visitors did Queenstown Airport have in 2016/2017?