Quiz – 30 October 2017

Welcome to your 30 October 2017

Which government department will be broken up under the new government?
What did the Chair of EDNZ believe that the $1bn regional economic development fund shouldn't be spent on?

Which region has recently released a growth monitor and index?

Who is the new Minister for Small Business?

What event has a new fast track law been introduced to clear the track for it to be held?

Housing costs have pushed the annual inflation rate to what, according to a recent release by Stats NZ?

Where does NZ rank on the OECD list of countries for green house gas emissions?

Which of the OECD monitored by the OECD has the fastest growing population?

What percentage of the GDP will the government raise R and D spending to over the coming 10 years?

NZ's current spend on R & D is what % of GDP?