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Membership of EDNZ is the hallmark of Professional Expertise and Integrity within the economic development profession and is open to any individual or organisation working in, or associated with Economic Development.

Becoming a member of EDNZ will enhance your career and empower your professional development whether you are a student just starting an illustrious career in economic development or an experienced and senior practitioner at the peak of your career.

Why Join?

  • EDNZ membership will help you stand out from the crowd
  • Meet the requirements for many employers
  • Increase your earning potential and speed up your career
  • Give you additional standing in your network
  • Provide you with a voice through EDNZ’s advocacy work
  • Provide you with opportunities to network and share knowledge, either online or face to face
  • EDNZ will support you in accessing the professional development you or your team need to help you excel.
  • Your membership will help you keep up to date with information on economic development policy, best practice and research.
  • The use of post nominals
  • Use of EDNZ logo
  • A presense on the EDNZ website

EDNZ offers a class of membership to suit all levels of individual professionals and organisations. Your membership opens doors and gives you professional standing.

Check out the categories of EDNZ membership and their respective benefits below.

Individual members


Associate Corporates

Membership Fees

Membership fees for individuals  have been set to tempt at just $380 per annum.

The corporate membership fees are also competitive, based as they are on a ‘capacity to pay’ principle.

Ready to join?  Let’s Go

When you have decided which of the membership categories to join simply fill in this short form, choose your category and your method of subscribing.  Alternatively if you have any queries, you can contact the Executive Officer on 027 440 6180 or by email, for help.  Once you have joined and completed your profile be sure to head over to the Members Directory to see how great it looks.