M & E

The Economic Development Resources section of this website has been based on a generic monitoring and evaluation framework used by numerous industries internationally i.e. economic development, local and central government, tourism, business, education, health and community, to name but a few.

It offers a step by step guide to the monitoring and evaluation process, a suite of best value economic indicators, background information relating to sustainable economic development and a number of very practical tools for planning and monitoring economic growth.

The user friendly structure of the resource means that you can choose to access all tools and indicators using your menu on the left or step through the monitoring and evaluation process and access the relevant tools and indicators as and when they are needed on your journey.

The tools and indicators have been sourced from reputable organizations internationally and are offered for your use and feedback.

Put simply, monitoring will give you the evidence you need to prove you are “doing things right” and evaluation will give you the evidence you need to prove you are “doing the right things”.

This monitoring and evaluation resource offers ready access to appropriate tools, statistics and indicators that will enable you to:

  • develop a strong economic profile
  • engage with your stakeholders to plan best value interventions
  • demonstrate the logic flow between your intervention, outputs, impacts and outcomes
  • build your own qualitative and quantitative indicators
  • communicate and report progress to your stakeholders

Your Monitoring and Evaluation journey has just five steps