EDNZ Governance Review

The EDNZ Board is currently working on a review of the organisations governance structure.  The aim of the review is to create a Board that is both representative of, and engaged with, the members of EDNZ.

To date, the Board has held two workshops that have helped crystallise its thinking around what needs to be changed to achieve a Board that is more representative of our membership and what that change might look like.

As a result of the workshops the Board has a preference for the following changes to the current governance arrangements.

  • The Board to be elected, not selected (current Board members are the appointed CEO’s of the 14 regional economic development agencies)
  • A Board of nine that made up of economic development agencies and associate representatives (with representatives from economic development agencies in the majority)
  • The Board to be a policy board, not an administrative, hands on board
  • The new Board to be installed at the 2019 AGM, following an election at which all financial members may vote
  • The need for a transitional arrangement to enable stability at a time of significant change has resulted in the preference for three of the regional economic development agency representatives on the new Board to be drawn from the existing Board i.e. The current Chair, Deputy Chair and Audit/Risk Deputy Chair.
  • The establishment of the following standing committees: Audit and Risk, Conference, Continuing Professional Development
  • The establishment of a membership forum to connect the Board to all members
  • A Chair and Deputy Chair to be elected by majority vote by the elected Board members
  • The Chair and Deputy Chair to form the executive of the Board

In an effort to gather your views on the above we have developed a survey through which you can influence the future governance of EDNZ.

We encourage you to share your views and in doing so help shape the future of EDNZ.