Salary Survey 2017

First ever salary survey just for you ...

Economic Development NZ welcomes you to the very first Salary Survey for economic development practitioners throughout NZ.

Who can participate?

We encourage anyone who is working within the economic development profession albeit in an officer or governance role to take five minutes out of their busy day to participate in the confidential survey below.  Please feel encouraged to forward the survey to others within your organisation. The final report will not reveal individual salaries or details, only sufficiently collated information that maintains the confidentiality of individual results will be available.

Of what use will the results be to you?

The results of the survey will be available to only those who participated and employers. The final report will provide participants with the median salary and value of benefits such as cars, professional development etc across the profession.  The report will then break down that information to provide a median salary by location, gender, age range, job title, type of organisation and qualification so that you will be able, with great precision, suggest what is a 'reasonable salary' for your job when engaging with your employer in your annual review.  Employers will be able to access the final report, for a small cost.

The salary survey will be held annually and will overtime build up a trend of salaries and benefits that we can compare with other national economic development agencies.

When will the survey close?

The salary will close on 1st November and the results will be available as soon as possible thereafter.

Let's provide an accurate picture

The more practitioners who participate the richer and more robust the final report will be - and it is imperative that we provide employers with the most robust information that we can - ready? Let's go!