COVID – 19 resource centre for ED practitioners

With no end in sight to this declared pandemic it is clear that the outbreak of  COVID -19 will be an event of historic proportions, impacting both lives and economies.

As a profession we are in relatively uncharted territory and yet the need to act together with speed and unerring efficacy is paramount if we are to build on the first raft of aid announced by the New Zealand government and prepare our regional economies for what is still to come. 

Better together


Below are a number of international, national and local resources that economic development agencies will find useful. If you have a resource/template/information that you believe could be of help to your colleagues please email


The Covid-19 crisis has kick-started a need for new approaches: a global flurry to find solutions for an unexpected crisis. Few countries have been fully prepared to deal with a crisis of this nature, and many are working hard to rally resources and unify experts from across the public, private and non-profit sectors toward a common goal. In this context, the sharing of ideas and best practices is critical: pandemics do not stay within boundaries, borders and silos, and neither should the global response.

In this context, EDNZ is issuing a call to all economic development practitioners at a local, regional and national level to gather innovative solutions and inspiration on how individuals and organisations across New Zealand are responding to the crisis.  EDNZ invites you to include additional COVIDD-19 responses using this form.  You need not be the person in charge of the response – it can be something you came across and think should be included.

All submissions will be available for public view (except for your own contact email) as a live excel spreadsheet to promote shared learning across regions on innovations that have been tried or proven to work.  The link to the spreadsheet will be added here once responses are submitted.  


EDNZ is already working with MBIE to provide intelligence from the regions and will continue to survey the economic development agencies to ensure that the intelligence remains current.  Whilst everyone is pressed for time, it is important that you participate in the surveys so that MBIE receives as accurate and comprehensive picture of the regional issues as possible.  The survey results will assist government in determining which policy levers are used next in their battle with COVID-19. 

We will monitor and feed regular updates from government to our members and share best practice on our website, in our newsletters and possibly via a series of free webinars.  We will also monitor and report on initiatives overseas. 

As an organisation we are also currently reviewing our planned face to face events over the next six months and transitioning them to an online format. 

EDNZ has established a Resilience Committee which will  meet shortly to discuss other initiatives/measures it can take to support you.  We welcome any and all feedback from you on how we might achieve that support.

Testing times
The ED profession has never before been tested by the twin evils of a pandemic and associated economic downturn.  Each of you will play a vital role in the economic health and well-being of Kiwis in the coming months.  EDNZ will remain a resource to  you throughout this crisis, supporting you and through you our business community, their employees and communities.