Conference Programme

The conference programme kicks off on Wednesday, 30th August at 6.30 with a welcome reception at the Rydges Hotel.  Delegates are able to register their attendance at the conference on the 30th between 5 pm - 6 pm should they choose to avoid the rush the next morning.  Before the conference commences you will be invited to Showgizmo - a phone app that will allow you to access the programme, participate in live polling, message other delegates and much more.  To find out more about Showgizmo you can click here ...

Thursday, 31 August 
9.00 Welcome by Chair of EDANZ, Dr David Wilson    
9.30 Neil McInroy - CEO, CLES    
10.20  Morning Tea sponsored by Nelson Regional Development Agency    
10.50 Panel Session on Regional Disparity

Tom Simonson LGNZ, Patrick McVeigh, ATEED, Neil McInroy, CLES.

Facilitated by MC

11.40 Rt Hon Winston Peters on NZ First's Regional ED Policy    
12.00 Lunch    
1.00 Panel Session on the Future of NZ's Regions - Shamubeel Eaqub, Julian Wood, Maxim Institute, Chris Mackenzie, Development West Coast

Facilitated by MC

Breakout Sessions from 1.45 - 3 pm  Grand Space Breakout Room 2 Breakout Room 3
1.45 Pledging to Youth Employment – Claire Gomas – ATEED


Ghostbusters: Harnessing  local knowledge to find and assist young people lost to education, employment or training Allison Beckham – Venture Southland

Auckland Regional Partnership Programme for the retention and attraction of Migrants – Lisa Endersby – ATEED


'Looksee' - attracting migrant tech talent  - David Jones, WREDA


Cutting through the noise:  Shaping intervention through evidence and insights - John Lavery - ATEED

Manakitanga – Welcoming New Investor Residents to Regions (Pam Ford)


Integration of RDA’s and RTO’s – Paul Davis – Northland Inc


Local Government and Economic development - Tom Simonson, LGNZ

3.00 Afternoon Tea    
3.30 - 4 pm Hēmi Rolleston, GM Callaghan Innovation - Unleashing Innovation in NZ    
Breakout and Panel session from 4 - 5  Grand Space  Breakout Room 2 Breakout Room 3
4.00 - 5 pm Panel Session: What role do the regions  have in improving NZ's Productivity ratings? Paul Conway, Productivity Commission, Ifor Ffowcs Williams, Cluster Group and Ganesh Nana, BERL    
 6.30   Gala Awards Dinner    
1 September, 2017   
9.00 James Shaw - Greens Regional Economic development policy    
9.20 Julian Fairfield - Director of Bach Consulting - on Regional Strategy

"I, IT and WE" - the three worlds of Economic Development

Jason Leung-Wai - MartinJenkins - Economic development in the regions Supporting Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in “the regions” – Northland Inc – Joseph Stuart


Building our Futures Together – the seven secrets to sustaining partnerships and growing economies and places collaboratively – Bernie Walsh SmartGrowth BOP

10.00 Stuart Nash - on Labour's regional economic development policy    
10.20 Morning Tea    
10.50 Professor Terry Stevens - "Wish you were here"


Founder and Managing Director, Stevens & Associates;

Professor of International Dynamic Destinations, School of Management, Swansea University

11.40 "Happiness is a great place to visit"

Panel session on regional tourism

Professor Terry Stevens, Tourism Industry Aotearoa, Graham Budd, Chair of RTONZ, Kate West, Manager Tourism Policy, MBIE  Paul Davis, Northland Inc and Chris Roberts, CEO of Tourism Aotearoa.  Facilitated by MC

12.30  Lunch    
1.15  Craig Getz, Director NZ Investment - Working with the regions on inward investment    
1.55  Regional Tourism in the Economic Development Sphere - Graham Budd, Chair of RTONZ    
2.15 Dr Paul Collits - Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development – the Why, the How and the Who  Maori Economic Development Strategy and its regional significance - Liz Te Amo, Director MBIE  
 3.00  Afternoon Tea    
 3.30  Where to from here? MC    
4.30 End of Final Day