Quiz 27 November 2017

Welcome to your 27 November 2017

What city did the PM, Jacinda Ardern recently visit as her first official regional visit within NZ?

What dates in 2018 will EDNZ host its 2018 conference?

Which countries are battling NZ to host the next America's Cup?

What piece of new infrastructure is being considered for 'fast tracking' in Wellington?

Which region is the second largest contributor to NZ"s property sector?

What is the theme of the EDNZ Conference in 2018?

How many US $million are UAE and Russia prepared to offer Team NZ to relocate hosting of the America's Cup?

MBIE has advertised for six Regional Economic Development Managers.  What will their role be?

What was the priority of the recently held APEC meeting?

Who is the CEO of Venture Southland?