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An inclusive and prosperous New Zealand.


To support our members through building capability, collaboration and thought leadership that is trusted and valued.

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Values and standards

We display excellence, integrity and relevancy in all that we do.

Our organisational standards are enshrined in principles and procedures that inform all that we do.

Jobs Board

EDNZ provides members with the latest jobs in economic development across New Zealand.

Salary Surveys

What is the market value of your role. Check out the EDNZ Salary Survey to gain insight into the impact of region, gender, age etc on your remuneration.


EDNZ engages with members to develop insightful and evidence based submissions to government.


Becoming a member of EDNZ will enhance your career and empower your professional development whether you are a student just starting an illustrious career in economic development or an experienced and senior practitioner at the peak of your career.

Membership of EDNZ is the hallmark of Professional Expertise and Integrity within the economic development profession and is open to any individual or organisation working in, or associated with Economic Development.

Conference 2019

The 2020 EDNZ conference, Best Practice Awards and Graduation ceremony has been cancelled. EDNZ will provide a series of online learning and networking events in 2020 to support our professionals.

Annual Awards 2019

Check out the winners of the 2019 EDNZ Awards here …